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If you clean your leased property on your own before you move out, you may not be able to eliminate absolutely all dirt traces and fail to ensure the level of cleanliness your landlord expects to see. Instead of putting your deposit at risk, hire a couple of our highly motivated and disciplined cleaners. They will clean every room precisely and help you keep the full amount of your deposit.

We operate in the field of cleaning for a considerable amount of time and a countless number of people in Cornhill have already taken advantage of our impeccable end of tenancy cleaning services. People prefer us to other companies not only because we deliver always the right cleaning solution but also because we assist them exactly when they need us.

What we have for you is a cleaning package that includes absolutely every area of your leased property. You can rest assured that the highest level of cleaning will be achieved because our skilful cleaners are supplied with the most efficient cleaning equipment. Knowing that inventory clerks may search for dirt in various places, they will make sure that even the most inaccessible places are free of grime.

In order to deliver a service of value to every customer in Cornhill, we carefully choose the cleaning experts in our team. All of the have spent many hours cleaning and possess the requisite skills and expertise to carry on a professional end of tenancy cleaning. In addition to that, our operatives are fully trained and know how to deal with every stubborn dirt deposit.

As a customer focused company, we give you the opportunity to notify us if there are any cleaning issues in the property within 48 hours after we have cleaned it. In this case, we will send our cleaners back to take care of the specific areas for free.

If you are renting a property in Cornhill, Kingsway, Clerkenwell, Holborn, St Pancras or Bloomsbury don’t miss to book our excellent end of tenancy cleaning when you decide to move out. In case you have any additional questions about our company, feel free to get in touch with our support centre.

“I needed a quick and efficient “moving out” cleaning solution and I came across your company. I can’t express how much I appreciate your help! Your excellent team of workers showed on time, equipped with each and every possible cleaning material. In a couple of hours they turned the old flat I was renting into a shining little place. My landlord was hugely impressed an I had no troubles getting back my deposit.” – Tim

“I contacted your company after it has been recommended to me. To be honest, I didn’t have any great expectations but I hoped to at least be able to acquire my deposit back after moving out. Wow, I could hardly express my admiration for the great work you did! It was so nicely cleaned that I started regretting my decision to move out of the place! What is more, my landlady was delighted with the results and it is tough to impress her, I assure you!” – Jessica