End Of Tenancy Cleaning Billingsgate

Company Name: Tenants Cleaning London

Address: London

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Working Hours: Monday – Sunday 08 – 20

Managing Director: Louis Farrell

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Leave the rental property with full pocket and smile on your face by benefiting from our end of tenancy cleaning services in Billingsgate. We will save you the unpleasant war-cry of your landlord, who is most probably very strict when it comes to the property.

We have established ourselves as the top provider in this trade. The reason is that we always strive to provide perfect results and to please you best. We know that your deposit is at stake, which means that no compromises are appropriate. Our services are the first choice of many letting agencies and landlords, because we are not afraid to make our hands dirty.

We contribute our reputation to our devoted cleaning techs. They are meticulous people, who detect every spot and clean it till it sparkles. We collaborate with them for years, over which they proved to be liable and sustainable. Together, we have assemble an extensive checklist, which is complied with the highest standards in the trade.

Our perfection stems from the fact that we take care of absolutely everything. We have the needed desire for work, but the equipment also matters. That’s why we supplied all of our cleaners with the latest materials, which are tested in advance. With our end of tenancy cleaning services in Billingsgate, you don’t need even to raise your finger for the old rental property.

Customer Reviews

Georgia Stokes

The housekeepers who came made my life a lot easier. They were so friendly and absolutely thorough. I would not hesitate to book this company’s cleaning services again.

Jude McLean

A friend of mine recommended me this company’s end of tenancy cleaning service so I set up an appointment without giving it a second thought. The housekeeper who came did a very thorough job and deep cleaned the whole unit in no time.

John Carpenter

I have been a customer of this company for plenty of years now. I love that the cleaners are always smiley and always work hard to deep clean every bit of the house. The outcome is always so satisfying.

Danielle Bevan

The cleaning services of this company are not only very affordable but thorough as well. I love coming back from work to a fresh smelling home. I would never turn to another cleaning company ever again.

Charlotte Matthews

I have used this company’s cleaning services for over a year now. I can honestly say that their cleaners have never disappointed me. They always work so hard! Plus, the price is so fair.

Aidan Francis

I deeply appreciate what your cleaners did for me. They deep cleaned my 3-bedroom house in no time! It would have taken me days if I had to clean it on my own. I cannot wait to meet you again. You are the best.

We understand that you can’t believe only words and promises. To assure you that we are not only buttering ourselves up, but acting in reality, we guarantee for your trouble-free inventory inspection. 48 hours after the sanitation, we are able to come back and fix any problematic zones at our expense.

Call us old-fashioned, but one of the most important values for us is to be absolutely honest and fair to our customers. That’s why every move we do is absolutely transparent and nothing leaves “hidden” under the surface. The shadow practices are not our cup of tea and that’s why we explain every detail, so that we make sure that our customers are clear with everything.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services serve as a role model in all Billingsgate. The rates we offer are fantastically inexpensive and at last you will even have more money than before you hired us. Get in touch with our representatives and schedule an appointment that best serves your crammed schedule.

“When it comes to cleaning I always fell somewhat desperate. This is especially true when switching homes and there is a lot more than the hustle of simply packing. Those are the times that I’m really grateful, your help, guys, is at hand! You provided an excellent end of tenancy cleaning job at my place leaving it thoroughly clean, neat and tidy! A BIG THANKS for this!” – Jacob

“Thanks to your company and the exceptional end of tenancy cleaning services it offers I manged to move into my new flat and enjoy the fresh, clean and immaculate atmosphere of my new home. Everything was cleaned to my requirements and preferences and was done in a highly professional manner! Superb organization, great team of workers!” – Sarah